Civil Litigation, Appeals and Trial Support.

Areas of Practice



Bellon Law provides cost effective legal representation to individuals and businesses from the initial demand, through discovery and trial. Ms. Bellon has handled numerous civil cases to conclusion in bench or jury trials, is well versed in preparing cases for mediation to facilitate settlement, and has obtained resolution through arbitration. If you case is heading to trial and you need an attorney to handle the litigation, Bellon Law can help.


Legal research can be time consuming for a solo practitioner or small law firm that is trying to provide legal representation and assistance to their numerous clients and also run a law practice. Bellon Law can assist in freeing up your time by providing comprehensive and cost effective legal research for your needs.


Trial Support/Legal Writing

Just as legal research can be time consuming, so can pre-trial motion practice, the drafting of jury instructions, and substantive motion drafting, including motions for summary judgment. Time becomes essential when you are preparing for trial, especially when you are preparing for fact and expert witness testimony and drafting opening and closing statements. Instead of doing it all yourself, consider teaming with Bellon Law to provide the additional legal research and writing support you need to prepare for trial.  


Bellon Law provides appellate representation in all five of Florida's District Courts of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court in all areas of law. Ms. Bellon has handled petitions for certiorari and appeals in the areas of workers compensation, legal malpractice, criminal jury instructions, and numerous civil matters.