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Bellon Law understands the pressures of trial, the need for concise, strong motion writing, and preserving the record on appeal. For the individual, business owner, solo practitioner or small law firm, Bellon Law can assist you up to and through trial, as co-counsel, or with your legal writing and research needs. Additionally, having won in all five of Florida's District Courts of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court, Bellon Law has the requisite experience to handle your case on appeal.

Centrally located in Boca Raton, Bellon Law provides legal services to South Florida, from the Florida Keys to Brevard County. In addition, Bellon Law can handle your appeal in any of Florida's five District Courts of Appeal, the Florida Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit Court.

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Areas of Practice


Having handled numerous bench and jury trials, including mediations and  arbitrations, Bellon Law can assist you through-out the litigation process.  From the initial demand, through the discovery process, and at trial, Bellon Law will provide competent, professional and cost-effective legal representation.

Legal Research AND WRITING

Are you a solo practitioner who is swamped and needs a nuanced area of law researched or a substantive motion drafted? Use your timely wisely and let Bellon Law handle the research and draft the motion for you.

Trial Support/Legal Writing

Preparing for trial, including the preparation of witnesses and the drafting of opening and closing statements, and writing concise persuasive pre-trial motions and drafting jury instructions are time consuming, can be overwhelming, but are absolutely necessary to having success at trial. Let Bellon Law assist you by handling the pre-trial motions, motions for summary judgment, and jury instructions while you concentrate on preparing your case for the jury.


You worked hard through trial. Round One is over, however, Round Two has begun - the appeal. Fear not. Having won in all five Florida District Courts of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court, let Bellon Law handle your appellate needs.


People do not win people fights. Lawyers do.
— Norman Ralph Augustine


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